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Jotta Karaoke Studio  

We produced and introduced first Samoan music karaoke CDs. Initially, we developed our system to assist our Jotta boyz singing group to to stand on the stages. Since than, our karaoke system became a landmark for all of Star Search contestants in Samoa year after year.
If you are interested in your own music last forever, we can turn your music into karaoke CDs. Price is very reasonable. Send us your info, we will give you a quote.

Karaoke CDs   Jotta Boyz V1,  
    Jotta Boyz V2  
Open Hours   MON - FRI 8AM -5PM  
    SAT- 8AM-4PM  
Location   Apia Town, Next to ANZ, Post Office, McDonald Restaurant.  
Who is Singing?   Come on down and see it for yourself. You will be the one singing soon. Record your singing and show off your singing talent.  
CD, DVD & Print & Copying   Very Efficient Set up. Very quick turn around time. Reasonable Price, Ask for quote. CD+G Disks are extra.  
Graphic Design & Web   Reasonable Price. Or Do-It-Yourself computers available. You can design your own CDs.  
Karaoke System Rental   Trained Karaoke entertainers available with Reasonable Price. You can just rent equipments.  
Comments & Contact   Please send us your Comments "Contact Us". Or Please send us email info@jottakaraoke.com .  
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